If you are into car stereo, you just can’t ignore Skar Audio. Although this is a relatively young company, since launching its first website on August 25, 2010, the company has been on a mission to leave competitors behind. Unlike many in the Car Audio industry – Skar Audio calls  St. Petersburg, Florida home. This is not unique since the Tampa area is a hotbed for bass heads but unusual nevertheless. I say unlike because about 90% of all car audio and accessory companies are based in California, giving them easier access to cheap Chinese imports. Like it or not, the overwhelming majority of products in the car stereo industry are made in China.

Furthermore, Skar Audio has been able to distance itself from the pack by delivering high-quality products and excellent customer support, something many Chinese brands like Pyle and Boss Audio lack. Today it is almost impossible to shop for car audio devices like subs, amps, and speakers without running into the Skar brand. This popularity has allowed Skar to rank amongst Inc. magazine’s 5000 fastest-growing American companies in  2019 and Newsweek’s best online shops of 2020. Although Skar sells direct to consumers on their website – skaraudio.com, their products are more popular on Amazon, where they are some of the best-ranked car audio amplifiers, subwoofers, speakers, and sub enclosures. That is due in part to Skar Audio’s 30-day money-back guarantee. Something unheard of in the car audio industry, especially AMAZON, where false advertising and hyped Chinese products have become the norm. If you buy a Skar car audio amplifiers, subwoofers, speakers, or sub enclosures and change your mind, you are eligible for a full refund within 30-days. Aside from that, their products have a 2-year limited warranty covering all manufacturer defects.

Skar Audio Subwoofers

Skar Audio’s claim to fame is its subwoofers. These range from the entry-level IX Series rated at 400 Watts RMS to the 3,200 WATTS ZVXV2 SERIES! Aside from performance, these subs offer incredible value compared to some more established players.

Skar Audio Amplifiers

If you think Skar Audio’s subs are pretty good, you need to look at their amps. Kevin Schlenker, the founder of Skar, has done an excellent job assembling a line of affordable yet high-quality car audio amps. These amps are compact, powerful, and ready to rub elbows with the best of the best. Skar Amplifies come in four flavors the “good,” also known as the  SK-M Ultra Compact Series, the “better,” or RP Series, and the “Best,” AKA the SKV2 Series. There’s a Marine Series for those who want the same experience in the water!

Skar Audio Speakers

Music is not just about bass, but don’t worry. Skar has you covered there, too, with a beautiful line of well-priced mids and hights to complement your bass. From tweeter to coaxial, the Skar Audio speaker is a great match and complement to the line.