Car Audio Equalizers (EQ)

Do you need a Car Audio Equalizers (EQ)? First, let’s talk about what a Car Audio Equalizers (EQ) does! In simple terms, an audio equalizer raises or lowers the volume or gain of a specific frequency or range of the audio signal going to your amplifier. While some primary parametric tone control will more often than not do the trick, in cases where undesired room modes are present, an Equalizer (EQ) may come in handy. Every sound system should have some equalization. Let that be the basic bass, mid, treble found in today’s automotive head units, or something more elaborate like the 30 band units found in-car audio competition systems. EQ is important because human hearing is not flat but rather accentuated at around 4Khz and about 30% less efficient on the two ends of the spectrum. To compensate for this natural phenomenon, we tend to cut the midrange and boost the bass and treble. By doing so, we are flattening the response in the way our ears hear it. However, if we are going to be highly critical, as in a car audio competition system, the complete frequency response may need adjustment. That is because depending on things like the size, how much glass, and the material of your vehicle’s interior, some frequencies may get boosted through diffraction, and others cut by through absorption. To do this with accuracy requires an RTA meter with a calibrated microphone but having enough bands in your Car Audio Equalizers (EQ) is crucial. So, please don’t buy a Car Audio Equalizers (EQ) because it fits or looks cute. Buy a Car Audio Equalizers (EQ) that will make your system better.

EXPERT 6 CH 28 Band EQ Bluetooth Processor (PX2CONNECT)
154 Reviews
EXPERT 6 CH 28 Band EQ Bluetooth Processor (PX2CONNECT)...
  • country of origin : Brazil
  • package weight :6.0lbs
  • Package Dimensions: 3.9 L x 25.6 H x 14.0 W (cm)

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