BASS Monoblock 1-Channel Car Audio Amplifiers

When looking for a BASS amp, almost everyone seeks a bridgeable amp, but in reality, the best car audio bass amplifiers are monoblocks or 1-channel amplifiers. Mono amps offer the best stability and efficiency for driving hard-hitting BASS, especially if you are going to drive multiple subwoofers. Monoblock amplifiers are among the most highly regarded amplifier types, and while you can use two mono amps to drive a pair of stereo speakers, as is often the case in high-end home audio. However, monoblock amplifiers are best suited for driving subs when it comes to car audio. There is this train of thought that you get 200 Watts when you bridge a stereo amplifier that is 100 Watts X 2! While that may sometimes be true, more often than not, the power output of a bridge amp is about 90% of its stereo sum. For optimum power, you should consider a single channel mono amplifier. Monoblocks provide superior power amplification. Since they only have one channel, all power is dedicated to that channel, and more power means more movement of the relatively heavy subwoofer driver, which, of course, translates to more bass!

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