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Welcome to Thunder Electronic, an online car audio store whose goal is to save you money on what is considered some of the best value on the components for your car stereo system. Is there better out there, sure, but at what cost? Please don’t get me wrong, I was once a young car audio enthusiast myself, and I remember working two jobs to afford my JL Audio and MB Quarts speakers. And then, I started competing in IASCA events. By the way,  IASCA is an acronym for the International Auto Sound Challenge Association, a sanctioning body by which car audio competitions were structured back in the late 80s and throughout the 90s. At these events, I learned that being a brand groupie meant nothing since, more often than not, I would lose to sound systems costing a fraction of mine.

At this time, I decided to get serious about car audio and, in some ways, became an audiophile. What does this mean? Audiophiles are those seeking hi-fi or High Fidelity Sound Reproduction. Today that is a tiny segment of the enthusiastic audio community. There are many reasons for this. One is source material. Today, most people listen to music via stream media and or MP3. Either is a Hi-Fi platform since they both use aggressive compression algorithms, taking away a lot of the details of the original recording. The term ” Fidelity ” in Hi-Fi means, at its most simple definition “to be honest or faithful.” To whom, to the artist! For anyone including to deviate from that, including your car stereo system means to add distortion – which by definition means a deviation from the original perfect form. That is why so many audiophiles are at odds with MP3 and streaming media. It is well-known that compression changes the music’s timbre, and it is also blamed for altering stereo separation. That can have a detrimental effect on sound stage width and height, one of the holy grails of Hi-Fi.

Many in the music industry have taken note of this and pushed for better options in some direct or indirect way. So, much so that in February of 2021, Spotify announced that it would be offering a  Hi-Fi lossless music streaming option. Since then, Apple, Tidal, Amazon, Tidal, and Deezer have announced that they too will be offering lossless WAV or FLAC options to their service. What does this mean? Well, if you are a music lover, it has never been a better time to upgrade your car stereo system. A recent poll revealed that the average American spends 18 days driving per year, with an average of eight hours and 22 minutes per week. Why not enjoy some music while at it!

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