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Car Audio Fanatics vs. Car Audio Enthusiast

If you talk to 100 people who are into car audio and ask them, what is a great car stereo system supposed to sound like? You will probably get 100 different answers. The truth is that what we call or label great, good, or bad for that matter has a lot to [...]

2018-02-27T00:53:28+00:00Car Audio|

GMC and Chevy Truck Head Unit

If you commute to work, getting stuck in traffic at some point in time is almost unavoidable. As a matter of fact, some recent studies have shown that in some cities residents may spend as much as 20% of their lifespan stuck in traffic. So when it came time to buy a [...]

2018-02-27T00:52:25+00:00Car Audio|

Time Correction and Digital Crossover DSP

After acquiring my new GMC Denali, I have to admit that I was extremely disappointed and frustrated with the way the factory car stereo system sound. When looking online for solutions, I found out that I was not alone. It appears that many of the so-called “premium” factory sound systems lack not [...]

2018-02-27T00:51:35+00:00Car Audio|

Sound System Buick Grand National

Since I was in high school, I always wanted to have a Buick Grand National. Maybe it is just me, but I always thought that car looked super mean. And yes, while Buicks are considered a grandma’s car those who know what a Grand National can do, will say to the contrary. [...]

2018-02-27T00:50:51+00:00Car Audio|