What is an Audiophile Car Stereo System?

2022-03-27T17:35:18+00:00Car Audio|

Before we dive into what makes an audiophile car audio system, I think we need to define what an audiophile is. Audiophile is the term used to describe high-fidelity sound reproduction enthusiastic seeking to reproduce the sound of the original performance. To achieve that, the audio system needs to have [...]

Is Soundstage & Imaging in a Vehicle Possible?

2022-03-27T00:15:49+00:00Car Audio|

Although not easy, the answer to that is a resounding YES! I personally have owned several car stereo systems that rival many of the home stereo and soundbars you find at places like Best Buy. I have also listened to many excellent car audio systems, including the infamous SpeakerWorks '87 [...]

Are Factory Premium Car Audio System Worth it?

2022-03-17T01:41:35+00:00Car Audio|

Over the last few years, we have seen a trend emerge of mergers between car manufacturers and audio brands with a loyal following. For example, Lexus has teamed up with Mark Levinson, Volvo, BMW, Maserati with Bowers & Wilkins, Audi with Bang & Olufsen, Bentley with Naim, and Mercedes-Benz: Burmester, [...]

Which is the Best Amplifier for My Car?

2022-03-15T17:06:59+00:00Car Audio|

When I was in retail, one question that I would often get, regardless of the person's age, was - which is the best amplifier for my car? That is not an easy question to answer and one that has many variables. In my opinion, there is no such thing as [...]