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Are you seeking a top of the line vehicle security system in Oakland Park, Fl call the pros at ThunderElectronics.Net they a wide range of auto alarm systems from top brands like Viper, Clifford, and CodeAlarm.

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People in Oakland Park seeking to get a car alarm in Oakland Park, Florida know that ThunderElectronics.Net is the store to go to. What many of them don’t know is how much they can save on insurance by installing an auto alarm in Oakland Park, Florida. Mount a secutity system on your vehicle and enjoy a deduction on your insurance premium. Car insurance companies prefer cars that are equipped with the latest security features to avert robbery or vandalism. Auto security systems can surely make insurance premium paymentsmore reasonably-priced. With a auto alarm installed, robbers are discouraged from damaging or going inside your car. Because car insurance premiums pay for cases of burglary such as these, they are presently paying millions of dollars in case settlements yearly. This is the reason car insurance companies are ready to offer a nice reduction to car owners that have the most advaced alarms installed in their ride.

One of the best way to go about this is to look around and learn which car alarm is best favored by {insurance providers|your insurance provider. Sometimes, it is necessary for you to inform the insurance company what type of auto security system you have installed and what its features are. You should also ask for insurance estimates from several companies to determine which of them can provide you the better price. But other than cheaper insurance payments, car alarms give you security. You can be positive that your vehicle is safe all the time even if that you are not around to watch it. The lower auto insurance premium is just a bonus. So go out and purchase the best car alarm in Oakland Park and install it on your vehicle right now.

Finding a Car Alarm Installation Pro in Oakland Park, Florida

People know that no 2 auto alarms are exactly alike. It is for this reason why you must be some what meticulous when it comes to choosing what kind of car alarm to affix on your vehicle. Two of the best car alarm systems these days are Viper and Clifford although we also carry CodeAlarm. Both are equipped with exemplary features that would make your vehicle thief-proof.

The Viper car alam system practically envelops your entire car in security. They offer one of the most advanced car security kits nowadays. The Viper car alarm systems include protection features like shock sensor, starter kill, and multi-tone sirens, among others. They also offer keyless entry and two-way remote control kits.

Clifford auto alarm systems are just as intelligent. They integrate smartphone car control capability to the system so that you can remotely control your car. Other than the usual car alarm features stated previously, Clifford also offers remote starting capability.

When getting car alarms in Oakland Park, be sure that you check out all of its features. The better benefits it offers, the better its performance would be. You should also purchase car alarm systems from reputable shops like Viper or Clifford as they have long shown the quality of their car alarm systems. Because you place a high value on your own security and protection, do not compromise when buying car alarms. In case you’re just browsing as a matter of fact, if you are we encourage you checkout our blog. Here is just a short sample.

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Clarion Car Audio DSP!

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The car audio industry is a constantly changing tech environment, and to be honest; I am not into car audio as I used to. Back in the day Clarion was an okay brand but never an over the top leader in technology. While looking for pricing on getting my windows tinted at several audio shops near me, I kept running into Clarion products some which are pretty techie and advance for a brand of such low-profile.

One of the most amazing models is the Clarion’s NX706 navigation receiver. Not only does it have a huge and colorful 7-inch touchscreen but the fact that it has very few buttons around makes it look even bigger. The built-in navigation software powered by iGo Primo gives those with entry-level vehicles navigation maps for most of North America including Canada as well as Puerto Rico. Unlike cell phone-based navigation be iGo Primo system has over 11 million points of interest, along with 3D mapping that allows realistic views of terrain you are driving including buildings and landmarks for many metropolitan areas.

Things got pretty interesting when the salesperson approached me and labeled this head unit and audiophile quality piece! I said to myself this guy is just trying to sell me a radio. He went on to explain that the Clarion NX706 is one of the few head units in the market with a digital optical output. He also explained that you can now build an entire 100% digital sound system with Clarion products.

The way it will work is with the Clarion NX706 as the foundation or a piece and the addition of Clarion’s other digital lineup consisting of a DSP module, self-powered tweeters, self-powered 6 1/2, as well as a self-power 10-inch subwoofer. I said wait a minute if they are self-powered they’re not digital somewhere along the line you have to add an amplifier. At this point, I must have looked pretty dumb because the guy looked at me and smile. He asked to give him a minute as he went to the back and pulled out some literature on the Clarion Z-System.

As he opened the literature, he explained that they are no analog amplifiers but rather a concept developed by Intel called large scale integration or LSI chip. Each one of the six speakers has one of these chips in them along with an extremely efficient six voice coil motor. Furthermore, he went on to show that the only thing connecting the speakers to the DSP module is a twisted 18gauge cable. Each of the five speakers in the system uses 100% digital signal to modulate the power supply voltage, which drives the speakers. In effect, the same twisted pair of cables carries the DC voltage along with the digital information. The digital signal is combined directly with the voltage by the LSI chip, and it drives the speaker.

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