Miami’s Car Audio, Car Alarm & Tinting Specialist!

Unlike many other metro areas, whether you are looking for Car Audio, Car Alarm and or Window Tinting in Miami you choices are ample. One quick search on Google and thousands of prospect car stereo stores come up! With that said, if you are looking for a combination that covers the best value, the best brands, the right price and some of the most experienced installers and fabricators around, you need to consider Thunder Electronics! Our team provides you more than fifty years of experience and a pedigree of car audio competition very few if any local shops can match. We are proud to serve customer from Orlando to Key West! These customers don’t travel hundreds of miles for the cheapest car stereo in town, they seek the best combination of products and installation. They know that we have been around for over and will still be here the next time they come back.

The truth is that with just a few tools and the right parts just about anyone can replace a car stereo, or coaxial door speakers, install a basic car alarm, and hell, we have even seen people do window tinting in their driveway! However, people who know better and expect better understand that when you want expert results you need to consult an expert. You see unlike many shops around town we participate in not only car stereo competitions but also attempt many trade shows and factory training events. This fact and more than three decades of experience give us the expertise to help you choose the best combination of equipment to not only fit your vehicle but also your budget, music taste and or security requirements. Even if you don’t buy from us stop by the shop and let us give you an idea of what we can do for your budget and expectations. And don’t forget, Thunder Electronics is not just a car stereo shop, please take a look at everything we have to offer.

Custom Car Audio & Installation

Are you looking to upgrade your car stereo system? There are many things to consider when choosing car audio component and when making this type of decision you have two choices. You can go to your local big box retailer and talk to a high school kid who still has a factory radio on his car or you can stop by Thunder Electronics and speak to the veteran car stereo specialist. Stop by an listen to what our cars sound like and then and only then you will understand why so many car stereo fanatics choose Thunder Electronics for all their car audio purchases and installation.

Car Alarm System & Installation

Like or not burglar alarm are a part of our lives and they add security and comfort to our homes and businesses. The same goes for a car alarm! For over 35 years we have South Florida resident protect the investment they have made on their vehicles. At Thunder Electronics we offer the widest range of car alarms system you’ll find in Miami. From motorcycles to eighteen wheelers, we have done it all. If you are looking to protect your rider can see the Miami car alarm specialist at Thunder Electronics.

3M Car Window Tinting

If you ever had a car with window tins you are probably never going to have another one without it! Having your car tinted is not only smart but comfortable for you and your passengers. Thunder Electronics is one of a hand-selected 3M car window tinting dealers in the South Florida area. Our goal is to provide you with not a quality window tinting film material but also a professional installation to go with. As with all 3M dealer installers, our team is factory trained on the best practices and technical skills required to deliver a professional car window tinting job!