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Thunder’s Car Audio, Car Alarm & Window Tinting Blog

Welcome to our blog. Are you looking to upgrade your car stereo system, perhaps looking for what type of automotive security system to get or how can 3M window tinting improve your car’s look and drivability! Here at the Thunder Electronics blog, we try to answer questions our clients have and or call we get. Despite the vast amount of information on the internet today, many people still wonder what to get or what to do about with their car stereo system.

Time Correction and Digital Crossover DSP

After acquiring my new GMC Denali, I have to admit that I was extremely disappointed and frustrated with the way the factory car stereo system sound. When looking online for solutions, I found out that I was not alone. It appears that many of the so-called “premium” factory sound systems lack not only features but often had serious limitations in the sound [...]