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Thunder’s Car Audio, Car Alarm & Window Tinting Blog

Welcome to our blog. Are you looking to upgrade your car stereo system, perhaps looking for what type of automotive security system to get or how can 3M window tinting improve your car’s look and drivability! Here at the Thunder Electronics blog, we try to answer questions our clients have and or call we get. Despite the vast amount of information on the internet today, many people still wonder what to get or what to do about with their car stereo system.

What Makes 3M™ Window Tinting Different?

3M™ - this company is synonymous with making different types of window films for homes, commercial properties and cars. A lot of consumers know that when they buy 3M products, they know that they are getting one of the best products around. But what makes 3M car window tints special? Here are a few features that make 3M car window tints a [...]

Why You Should Install a Good Car Alarm System

Everyone needs a good car alarm system in their vehicle if they want to protect it from damage and burglary. But do you know that there are many other good reasons why you should install a good alarm system in your car? These reasons are as follows: You’ll get lowered insurance rates. A good alarm system that will satisfy your car insurance [...]

How to Choose the Right Car Alarm for Your Vehicle

Nowadays, it is imperative to have a car alarm installed in your vehicle. A good alarm will protect not just your car but also yourself, your family, and some of your belongings. It is important that you invest in a car alarm that suits your needs. There best car alarm anti-theft features that you should look for when buying this security add-on [...]