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Thunder Eletronics Car Audio Blog

¬†Whether you are looking bandpass subwoofer boxes or car audio component speakers we welcome you! Not only are you at the right place, but if given the opportunity, we would like to show we are your best choice for everything car audio. The articles in our blog have been selected carefully with the intent to provide accurate information to those interested in DIY car stereo installation and upgrade. Not until very recently was there a class you could go to learn about cars audio although aftermarket car stereo has been around since the 70s. The majority of the top installer in the world today is self-taught, and even though this blog’s intent is as a source of inspiration rather than words written in stone, if you take anything away from it, we’ll be more than satisfied! And by all means, if there is a topic of interest, please drop us a line. We would love to address it!