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Why Should You Tint Your Car?

A car can be a very costly purchase, and that alone is a good reason why you should go the extra length to improve and maintain the look and condition of your car. Car tinting is one of the many additions that you might want to consider. If you want to know [...]

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Where Car Window Tinting Started

Cars or automobiles have been an important part of anyone’s life ever since it was created in the early 1900’s. We all know where cars started but have you ever wondered where car window tinting? Here’s something interesting about where car window tinting started. Where Did It All Start? The first recorded [...]

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What Makes 3M™ Window Tinting Different?

3M™ - this company is synonymous with making different types of window films for homes, commercial properties and cars. A lot of consumers know that when they buy 3M products, they know that they are getting one of the best products around. But what makes 3M car window tints special? Here are [...]

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Is Car Window Tinting Safe?

There are many advantages to adding a car tint to your vehicle but some people think that it can be dangerous to add a dark layer of film on the windshield. Here is when the big question comes in. Is car window tinting safe? It is generally safe to add a car tint [...]

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Is Car Window Tinting Legal?

Car window tinting is generally legal, although there are certain rules that have to be followed when adding it to a vehicle. Check out what the laws of your state say regarding car tinting. Know everything that you can about car tinting for a safe and hassle-free driving. Generally speaking, car window [...]

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